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Character and Prop Cloth Simulation

In this film, grammy and Mrs. Claus's dresses are cloth simulated. I was the only cloth simulation artist on the team. The blanket that Micheal drapes over himself in the film is also animated with cloth simulation. They were each challenging in their own ways. Mrs. Claus has the long dress with this mini skirt attached piece on top that have to interact. Grammy has 2 outfits. Both were held together by buttons. For the blanket, there's a shot where the blanket has to slide off of him but still fold nicely on the couch as he wakes up.

Prop Cloth Simulation

Flags, tassels and ribbons were the main props that were simulated in this film. The most challenging was the ribbon. This ribbon is held my one character, dragged around, grabbed by another character, twirled in the air and swooped up by a third character, until it finally folds into a bow on top of a present.

Elf on the Shelf: Scout Elves Don't Rest

Key Features:

- Cloth simulation on the grappling hook, apron and gift tag ribbon.

- Optimized character rigs

- Attached the xgen fur of the puppy and reindeer to the character rigs

- Lighting and rendering layers for several shots


Key Features:

- An nCloth rigging tool I created utilizing python.

- Utilizes a proxy mesh workflow that allows for quicker more accurate simulations on dense geometry.

- Easily manipulate the geometry of a mesh after dynamics have been applied.

- Import an animation cache and easily move your nCloth rig.

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Cloth Man

Key Features:

- Individual pieces of geometry were simulated to interact with a figure that was hidden.

-A morph between blendshapes and nCloth dynamics were used to maintain the human form while still containing believable cloth motion.

Visual Component for MFA Thesis

Key Features:

- This is the visual component for my thesis. Every prop is animated through cloth simulation including the leaves, hat, bridge, balloon, and clothes.

- The cloth simulation was generated using a plugin I wrote. The tool automates a nCloth specific rig that expedites the process of assembly and simulation.

Cop Cloth Walk Cycle

Key Features:

- Every element on the cop is moving with nCloth dynamics.

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